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The plastic film recycling program with NexTrex is getting popular!  It is managed by volunteers and a few more residents are needed to lend a hand. Volunteers sign up to take responsibility for a month, which means visiting Borough Hall 1- 2x/week during business hours (M-F 8:30 am – 4:30 pm) to check the bins, collect and weigh the plastic (we provide a luggage scale) and take it to Wegmans. So far, one trip to Wegmans per month has been adequate, provided you have a dry place to store a few weeks of recycling and a good-sized vehicle to transport the recycling. Please email for information or to volunteer for 2 shifts per year. 

Also, to make things easier for the volunteers – please bundle the plastic you put in the bins, rather than dropping everything in loose. Simply take one of the larger bags you are recycling and fill it with smaller pieces. 

Thank you for helping keep plastic out of landfills!

More information about the TREX recycling program can be found here.

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