Garbage pickup in Hopewell Borough is once a week on every Tuesday, with recycling pickup every other Tuesday.  The dates for pickup can be found on the Borough Calendar and the next three dates will be listed below.  

Recycling service is provided through Mercer County Improvement Authority (MCIA). To Report a Missed Recycling Collection please visit

Unsure about what can be recycled with the curbside pickup program? Download Recycle Coach for a handy reference!  Additional recycling information and special recycling events for items that cannot be included in your curbside bucket can be found at the Hopewell ValleY Green Team Website

Upcoming Trash/Recycling Schedule

Leaf / Brush Information 

The public works department handles leaf/brush pickup for most parts of the Borough, with Mercer County being responsible for leaf pickup on County Roads. 

Leaf & Brush Update 12/28

DPW will resume collecting brush/holiday trees after the New Year’s holiday.  One truck will still be dedicated to leaf collection through Friday, 1/14.  After that,

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Leaf & Brush Collection News

LEAF COLLECTION RESUMES / FINAL BRUSH COLLECTION for 2021 The Department of Public Works is gearing up for leaf season!  Place your leaves in a windrow

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