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After 16 years of serving you as the Borough’s mayor and a few years on Council, I have concluded that as of January 1, 2024, it is time for someone else to embrace the opportunity and offer themselves to serve as the Borough’s Mayor. I can honestly say it was an honor to have your trust, confidence and support. It is time for others to enjoy that experience. I have always believed that we, as elected officials, serve as your stewards: entrusted to manage the affairs of the Borough honestly, without bias and for the good of all.

Over the years, I have had the good fortune to meet and engage many of you who have in their hearts the best interests of the Borough and all its residents. I encourage you to consider serving in any elected capacity and particularly as Mayor. I found being Mayor to be a rewarding experience. Interaction with and learning from the youth of Hopewell was a favorite benefit of the office. Having a knowledgeable and engaged Council allowed me to feel that the residents of the Borough were always front and center and well served. I thank the Council members past and present for their service.  As Mayor and as a resident, I am proud of our professional staff, from the 24/7 Public Works team to our always on-duty and on-call administrative staff.

The only thing I can even remotely say I will not miss are the early morning calls that someone forgot to pick up the keys to the train station and can I be there to let them in.

Once again, if you have the desire to serve please act on it. It will prove to be challenging and rewarding. I have learned that helping others is, in a way, helping yourself to be the best person you can be.

As always, I am available. Thank you and thanks for the opportunity. Paul

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