Buying/Selling your Borough Home

Info for home sales

Borough Requirements for Homes Sales/Purchases

Hopewell Borough does not require a “certificate of occupancy” on the sale of a residential home.  However, there are several requirements that homeowners and purchasers must follow when buying or selling in Hopewell Borough: 

Final Water Reading
A final water reading is required in Hopewell Borough to transfer owner information.  There is a $50 fee and a final, prorated water bill will be generated by the Borough.  An appointment is required and the property owner or representative must be present for the inspection (which includes sump pump inspection).  Sellers should schedule the inspection as soon as a closing date is scheduled or anticipated to allow time for processing.  Contact Regina Toth, Borough Clerk/Utility Clerk at 609-466-2636
Fire Inspection
For all sales of homes in the Borough a Smoke/CO (Carbon Monoxide)/Fire Extinguisher Certificate of Compliance is required. Please contact the Hopewell Valley Bureau of Fire Safety at 609-730-8156 for requirements, to schedule and for the forms necessary.