Public Works Department


Mid-October through December, weather permitting Residents are reminded to rake leaves into piles between the sidewalk and the curb. Do not place leaves within 10 feet of any storm drain inlet. Do not park cars on or in front of leaf piles; it creates a fire hazard and makes it impossible to pick up the leaves. Public Works crews will NOT pick up leaves mixed with twigs, sticks, stones or brush. After December leaves must be put in yard waste bags for collection.


Yard waste bags are picked up year round on Mondays weather permitting. Small twigs, clippings, etc., can be placed in yard waste bags. The weight of the bags should not exceed 50 pounds. Bags with trash, stones or dirt in them will not be picked up. Yard waste bags are available at the Public Works Department. Call 466-0168 for availability.


Mondays, January until Mid-October, weather permitting. Brush is collected in the western half of the Borough on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month; this is the area of the Borough WEST of Greenwood Ave. On the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month, brush on Greenwood Ave. and EAST of Greenwood Ave. will be picked up. (There is no brush pickup during the 5th week in the months that have them.)

1. Brush must be neatly stacked on the property between the sidewalk and the curb with all cut ends facing in the direction of traffic.

2. Limbs must be 8″ or less in diameter. Do not cut limbs into short pieces.

3. Thorny vegetation, vines and brush must be tied with string, not wire, in bundles no more than 12″ in diameter. Remove any roots that are attached.

4. Lumber, fencing, building scraps, wire, nails, metal of any kind, or stones will not be picked up by the DPW. Please make arrangements with a private hauler for pickup of these items.

Christmas trees will be picked up in January. Please be sure all ornaments, nails, wire and lights have been removed. Wreaths and garland should be placed in your regular trash.

In order to keep our town clean, residents are asked not to put their brush out to the curb until their scheduled pickup dates. Please be sure brush is placed between the curb and the sidewalk. Do not block sidewalks or put brush in the street. If you use a lawn service, please advise them of our policies and procedures.

Leaves put out by contractors will be collected by the Public Works Dept. If a contractor is used for tree removal, trimming, etc. it is their responsibility to remove any debris.

The Public Works crews reserve the right to refuse to pick up brush/leaves/yard waste bags for any reason that could harm the equipment or personnel.

Leaf / Brush Information 

The public works department handles leaf/brush pickup for most parts of the Borough, with Mercer County being responsible for leaf pickup on County Roads. 

Forms and additional information
Links to frequently used forms and other information will be available on this page in the coming days as the website is restored. Please contact the Public Words Department in the interim if you are in need of other material or have other questions.