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Mayor Anzano and the Hopewell Borough Council are devastated to learn the details of a pedestrian being hit by a motor vehicle on East Broad Street on Saturday Night, resulting in serious injuries to one of our residents. 

We are all thankful to our first responders at the Hopewell Fire Department and Hopewell Township Police Department for coming to the aid of our Borough resident last night. We all pray for the recovery of our neighbor and ask that you join us in respecting the privacy of him and his family at this tragic time. 

Making our streets safer for everyone is a top priority. We recognize this will remain an ongoing challenge for our community, and our work will never be complete. This weekend we had planned an email release of significant recent steps in our town’s ongoing pedestrian safety and awareness initiatives, including actions taken to lower speed limits and the submission of a grant application requesting more than $1 million in safety, bicycle and pedestrian improvements.  However, while the Borough will continue and redouble its efforts, outlining this work rings hollow now in light of last night’s devastating news and we ask that everyone instead for the moment join us in focusing on keeping the recovery of our neighbor in our thoughts. 

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