Borough Cannabis Information


Pursuant to Ordinance No. 859, adopted by the Hopewell Borough Council on September 8, 2022 to permit up to one (1) Class 5 Cannabis Retailer license and for Class 6 Cannabis Delivery licenses in the Borough of Hopewell, the Borough opened an application submission period on October 27, 2022 for prospective licensees.  Applications are due by December 15, 2022, by 11am. 

A complete application package can be found here below.

Any questions received from any applicant will be posted on this page, along with a response.   

Any addenda or revisions to the application package will also be exclusively posted on this page. 

Application Questions and Responses:

Q1.    I was looking at the municipal application for a cannabis business. Referring to the written sections, is there a length maximum or minimum that it should be? 

A1.     There is no minimum or maximum limit imposed for any of the narrative portions.