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Several improvement projects are underway or about to be undertaken in and around Hopewell Borough. This includes work on East Broad Street, Newell Place, Walnut Avenue and Mercer Street – as well as restoration of the historic train station and an upcoming Mercer County bridge replacement. Details and schedules information can be found below:

  • The repair of 4 water leaks under East Broad Street is currently underway. We anticipate the work to be completed on/about Wednesday, June 5, 2024 and involve intermittent detours during the day. Any detours necessary for the work will be posted.
  • All 13 Sanitary Sewer Castings will be replaced along East Broad Street in anticipation of the County paving the road this season. We anticipate this work to begin on/about July 8, 2024. This work will be done during the day and will not involve full road closures.
  • On Newell Avenue a new water main, new water service lines, and a new fire hydrant have been installed.
  • Work on the complete reconstruction of the Walnut Avenue roadway is scheduled to begin on Monday, June 3, 2024. In addition to the reconstruction, a limited amount of granite block curbing and stormwater drainage will also be installed.
  • Newell Place will be next to have its roadway completely reconstructed. The project includes the installation of granite block curbing and the rebuilding of the existing stormwater basin and sanitary sewer utility hole. We anticipate the work to begin on/about Monday, June 10, 2024. Residents will receive a schedule ahead of the work being performed.
  • Mercer Street will be Milled & Paved and will receive a new fire hydrant. We anticipate the work to begin on/about June 17, 2024. Residents will receive a schedule ahead of the work being performed.
  • The Hopewell RR Station is about to experience a renovation of the exterior of the building. Roofing, windows, trim, as well as the repair/repointing of the masonry are to be addressed during this project which is partially funded by The New Jersey Historic Trust.  We anticipate the work to begin later this week, and will be completed late September 2024.
  • Later this summer, Mercer County will be replacing a bridge on Princeton Avenue south of Hopewell Borough. Through the use of a bypass lane, the road will have minimal full closures only at the start and end of construction. Further information on the timing and any detours will also be shared on the Borough website when it is available.

Road paving projects conducted by the Borough will also include notices from the Borough’s contractors to affected residents and businesses along with detour signage. Up-to-date information can also be found on the Borough’s roads, detours and construction page at hopewellboro-nj.us/roads.

We thank you for your patience while this work is being performed. As always, please call our Borough Administrator, Doug Walker, on 609.466.2636 with any questions.

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