Snow Information

Sweating Cartoon Man Shovel Snow

In order to allow crews to clear streets after a snowfall, there is to be no parking on snow-covered streets 12 hours after a snow event.  Snow emergency parking is available at the parking lots at the Train Station and at Borough Hall.

(Sidewalks should be cleared three feet wide, or the width of the sidewalk, whichever is less.  Do not throw snow back into the street.

When shoveling your driveway, place the snow on the RIGHT side of the driveway.  This reduces the amount of snow the plows push back into the driveway when cleaning up after a snow event.   All portable basketball hoops should be removed from the side of the road before each forecasted snow event.  At minimum, the hoop should be turned away from the street.

Following is the Borough’s ordinance pertaining to snow removal:
3-5  Removal of Snow or Ice.
3-5.1 Snow or Ice.  Owners, occupants ot tenants of any property fronting on any street in the borough shall remove all snow and ice from the abutting sidewalks of such street to the curb or pavement edge or, in the event of ice which may be so frozen as to make removal impracticable, shall cause the same to be thoroughly covered with sand, ashes or other material to provide traction, within 12 hours of daylight after the snow has fallen or the ice has formed.  Sidewalks shall be cleared to a width of three feet or the entire width of the sidewalk, whichever is less.

No owner, occupant or tenant of any premises abutting on any street or sidewalk shall throw, place or deposit any snow or ice accumulated on private property into or upon any such street or sidewalk in the borough.

Reminder Regarding Snow Removal on Private or Commercial Properties in Hopewell Borough

It is important to work together during snow emergencies.  In order to allow crews to clear streets after a snowfall, please note the following:

In accordance with Borough Ordinance No. 3-5, there is no parking on snow-covered streets within 12 hours of a snow event.  Please remember that major storms require multiple plowing efforts.  For best results, please try to keep parked cars off the streets as long as possible, even if the 12-hour timeline has lapsed.   

Do NOT clear snow from your vehicles in the roadway. 

Do NOT throw snow back into the street when clearing your driveway or sidewalk.  Violators of this regulation are subject to penalty.  If you contract for this service, please remind your contractor of this regulation. 

Sidewalks should be cleared three feet wide, wherever possible, or the width of the sidewalk, whichever is less. 

Please be mindful that mounting snow piles can reduce visibility for drivers and pedestrians.  To the best extent possible, please try to limit the height of snow mounds at intersections and driveway corners.  

Snow emergency parking is available at the parking lots of the Train Station and Borough Hall.   

Please contact the Department of Public Works (609-466-0168) or Borough Hall (609-466-2636) with any questions regarding snow removal policies.