For leaf pickup purposes, the Borough has been divided into four zones, each with a different scheduled leaf pickup time.  Leaf collection begins in early October and lasts until most leaves are collected.  Please note: after all zones have had the first scheduled pickup, the cycle repeats. 

Leaf pickup will be done by zones.  Each zone will take an average of four working days to complete.  Please keep in mind that rain, snow, volume of leaves and other factors can affect our schedule.  The schedule will be updated as zones are completed and as needed.  Only after all zones have been done will we come back and start the process over again.  This schedule will continue well into the new year until all leaves have been cleared.  The zones are as follows:

Zone One – SECOND PICKUP to begin on or about 11/15/11:
North Lanning Ave.            Eaton Place
South Lanning Ave.            Windsor Way
West Prospect St.               Taylor Terrace
Ege Avenue


Zone Two – Scheduled to begin on or about 10/28/11:
Hart Ave.                               Model Avenue
Pierson Place                      Mercer Street
Newell Place                         Voorhees Ave.
Shaftsbury Ave.                     Center St.
Golden Ave.                          N. Greenwood Ave. (west)


Zone Three – Scheduled to begin on or about 11/3/11:
Washington Ave.                    N. Greenwood Ave. (east)
Walnut St.                              Front St.
Burton Ave.                           Railroad Place
Somerset St.                           Cook Place
Blackwell Ave.                      Hamilton Ave.
Lafayette St.                          Elm St. (north)
Maple St. (north)


Zone Four – Scheduled to begin on or about 11/9/11:
S. Greenwood Ave.                Columbia Ave.
Seminary Ave.                        E. Prospect St.
First St.                                    Second St.
Princeton Ave.                         Maple St. (south)
Elm St. (south)


Reminder – East and West Broad Streets and Louellen Street are County roads and are the responsibility of County D.O.T.   If the County has not been through town by the end of each round of Borough streets, we will pick up there as well.