Domestic Partnership Information


Where to apply:  Any local registrar’s office in New Jersey.


Requirements to apply:  Both applicants must be over 62 years old (same sex or opposite sex couples).


How to apply in Hopewell Borough:  The couple must make an appointment to appear in person.  Please call (609) 466-2636.  Forms are in the Municipal Clerk’s office and are filled out at the time of the appointment.


What you will need to bring:

1.ID showing age (driver’s license, certified birth certificate, valid passport)

2.Proof of shared residence.

3.Proof of joint financial responsibility (i.e., joint bank account, joint deed/mortgage/lease, designation of beneficiary on will/life insurance/retirement plan or joint ownership of a car).

4.If either party was previously in a domestic partnership, dissolution papers which show it has been at least 180 days since the previous domestic partnership was terminated or a death certificate of the previous partner (180 day period not applicable for death of a partner).

5.Divorce decree, dissolution papers or death certificate of most recent partner or spouse (if either party was previously married or in civil union or in domestic partnership).

6.If couple does not reside in NJ, proof of PERS, PFRS or other NJ State-administered retirement system.


Fee for a domestic partnership:

$28.00 payable by cash, check or money order made payable to Hopewell Borough.