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NJ Dept. of Health/Drinking Water and Public Health Link: https://www.nj.gov/health/ceohs/sanitation-safety/drinking-water-public-health/index.shtml

You may be surprised by how much water we use every day. Typically, each individual in the average residence served by New Jersey American Water uses about 80 gallons of water every day. Here is a summary of how much water is used on average for common household tasks:

Washing machine 20 to 40 gallons per load
Hand washing dishes Up to 20 gallons per load
Automatic dishwasher 6 to 12 gallons per load
Bath 20 to 50 gallons
Shower 2 to 10 gallons per minute
Toilet 3 to 7 gallons per flush
Faucet 2 to 4 gallons per minute
Garden hose (1/2 inch) 300 gallons per house

Pump front

Water & Sewer

Hopewell Borough is a community that has continued to operate its own water system for the past 94 years. Our water supply comes from a new interconnection with NJ American Water and is working well within the Borough. The water provided through the interconnection has been fully treated, the water from our well is disinfected with sodium hypochlorite (liquid chlorine). The water mains are maintained with an annual flushing program. We have one storage reservoir which holds approximately a day an a half supply of water.

We are very proud of our water system and the quality and purity of the water. Residents are urged to call Dave Misiolek at 466-0168, or Borough Hall with any comments or complaints. (Please note: for questions about water and sewer billing, call Regina Toth at 466-2636.)

Residential and commercial water usage is determined by standard water meters, generally located within each building. Remote electronic digital meters (or “Homers”) have also been installed outside most residences, allowing for convenient, unattended quarterly reading of meters by the Water Department. If you feel your water usage has suddenly changed without explanation, please call the Water Department and we will investigate the problem. It is an owner’s responsibility to repair any problems we uncover with the interior plumbing of a building. Leaks in the water service between the curb shutoff and the meter are also the owner’s responsibility.

Water Hardness:
12 grains per gallon

Note: If you have experienced discolored water, it is possible that hydrants were opened near your address. The Fire Department occasionally opens the hydrants for training purposes. The discoloration is temporary and the water is perfectly safe to drink. However, you may want to refrain from washing clothes until the water color returns to normal. Please call the Fire Department at 466-0060 with any questions or comments regarding this matter.
Remember…hot summer temperatures always increase the demand for water. Please try to use water conservatively when using it for summer activities…Every drop counts. In the event we find it necessary to reduce water consumption in order to protect the stability of the system and the health and safety of the Borough’s residents, we will notify all residents in one of several ways: by post-card, flyer, on this web-page, or in local newspapers.


Dave Misiolek, Director
11 Burton Avenue
Hopewell, NJ 08525

Please note: for questions about water and sewer billing, call Regina Toth at 609-466-2636.